Hey monkiis,

I need to start with a shoutout the the Wildman of the North @erlendhunstad for sending some great questions my way. This was just one of many.

monkii Erl writes, "What are the monkii Elders thoughts on FOMO in training. I felt after fatherhood I really changed the game. I used to do a lot, probably overtrained because of the fear of losing my gainz. I now have less opportunity and choice and I reflect more on these training choices more often".

This is a great question and topic to bring up and I know there are many monkii Dads/Moms out there, myself included. The biggest shift more me was my mindset. I had to accept that my training needed to change versus trying to shove what I had always done into my new life situation. Now, I basically 'train all day' with microworkouts that fit much better into the rhythm of the day.

We definitely need to circle back on this topic. Please enjoy.

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See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan



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