Howdy monkiis,

...and just like that 100 episodes!!! Thank you to all the monkiis who have been along for the journey! I had been a huge fan/consumer of podcasts for years and I fought through some serious resistance to finally launch this show on January 17, 2019, when I published the first episode.

The best part of the show is getting to meet and talk with monkiis from all over the world. I appreciate the comments and emails you guys send my way as well as all the rad ideas you share with me. Thank you.

It's all a journey and I appreciate having you along for the ride. Let's keep getting wilder. 

If you have questions, comments, or a potential guest suggestion please send a note to or send us a DM to on Instagram. Let's keep the conversation going.

Thanks for tuning in and if you are enjoying the episodes we would be eternally grateful if you could leave a 5-star review. It helps to grow the monkii family and spread the good word of the Wild. Thank you.

See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan

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