Hey monkiis,

The concept of Microworkouts has been on my mind a lot recently. They are such an effective tool to have in your belt and I think have both health and performance applications. I have distilled my thoughts down to three ways that you can utilize Microworkouts to fit your specific needs. Check them out:

My favorite monkii Microworkout device at the moment is Isocore X.

1) Workouts that are less than the standard 1-hour gym workout. I wouldn't put a hard upper or lower limit, but I'd say somewhere around 20-minutes max, but ideally something closer to 'a few minutes'. This type of sesh would fall under the header of 'training' - exposing the body to a minimum effective dose that crosses the threshold of adaption eliciting the anti-fragile, super-compensation effect.

2) Take the volume of a 1-hour workout and spread it over multiple sessions throughout the day to accumulate the same (or potentially more) volume than you would in a typical 1-hour workout. However since it is spread throughout the day you accomplish the work in a 'non-exhaustive way'.

3) Microworkouts as a way to incorporate more total movement throughout the day. This is more about interrupting long periods of inactivity versus making gains. You can essentially do anything that isn't just sitting or standing there. I'd argue you'd still be making 'gains' simply by moving more - regardless of whether it is a workout or something more along the lines of non-exercise activity.

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-monkii Dan


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