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I am psyched to welcome 3x world-first record holder and all-around Wildman Ash Dykes (@ash_dykes) to the show.

Ash is a Welsch adventurer and explorer who has 3 world-first records. These include trekking across Mongolia and Madagascar, each of which he did before the age of 25. In August 2019, he achieved his third official record, becoming the first person to walk along the full 4,000-mile (6,437km) course of the Yangtze, the longest river in Asia. What blew my mind was that even before these record-setting expeditions, he was out there being Wild like it was his job. Check out what else he's done below.

  • Cycling Cambodia & Vietnam (1130 miles) in 15 days on £10 bikes.
  • Trekking the Himalayas in North India.
  • Cycling a part of Australia (700 miles) in 13 days.
  • Learned how to survive in the jungle with a Burmese Hill Tribe.
  • Cycled the length of Britain (985 miles) in 7days for charity.
  • Walked 200 miles across Wales in the dead of winter.
  • Trekked alone through the Alps during winter just missing a landslide.
  • Worked as a scuba diving instructor for two years in Thailand.
  • Competed against the locals in the martial art of Muay Thai.

I first heard Ash on Joe Rogan's podcast and he just oozed this enthusiasm for adventure and has lived almost half his life in what we in monkii culture would call Misogi - he is constantly expanding his imagination and testing himself to see what is possible. For all his accomplishments he remains grounded, he remains humble, and when hearing him speak you understand that for him it is all about the journey. I also really respect how he is giving back to some of the communities he has visited. He is an Ambassador of Malaria No More UK, an organization working to eradicate malaria within our lifetime.

Spoiler alert, but Ash did contract malaria himself and I can see why he has a special interest in helping fight the disease.

Ash has written a book called Mission Possible and there is a documentary that follows his expedition trekking across Mongolia and another one on the way that captures his epic adventure along the Yangtze.

Show notes:

You can find Ash on his website, www.Ashdykes.com.

Ash is on Instagram @ash_dykes.

He has a rad YouTube channel.

Yangtze River Expedition documentary trailer.

Check on Ash on the Joe Rogan Experience.

I had a wild time talking with Ash and I’m stoked to follow the journey ahead. 

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