Hey monkiis,

I'd like to welcome back to the show, the Wildman Brad Kearns (@bradkearns1). Brad is the co-author, along with another Wildman - Mark Sisson - of the new book Two Meals a Day. The book is all about developing metabolic flexibility through a variety of lifestyle and nutrition strategies. There are a lot of parallels with the #monkiiMindset and I think there is a lot to learn from these guys. 

Brad is also the host of the B.RAD podcast which I am a frequent listener of, in addition to being a recent guest on the show. He covers all sorts of topics I think you monkiis would appreciate and his guest lineup is legit.

I also need to give a shoutout to Brad's Macadamia Masterpiece: Mind-Blowing Nut Butter Blend. He was kind enough to send me a few jars and this stuff is THE BOMB. No B.S. ingredients and it's straight-up delicious.

From Brad's official bio:

Brad Kearns, 55, is a New York Times bestselling author, Guinness World Record setting professional Speedgolfer, #3 world-ranked Masters age 55-59 track&field high jumper, and former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete. He has written twenty books on diet, health, peak performance, and ancestral living, and is a popular speaker, retreat host, and face of the Primal Blueprint online multimedia educational courses. In 2017, The Keto Reset Diet became a New York Times bestseller, and briefly ranked as the #1 overall bestselling book on amazon.com.

You can check out Brad's website for all kinds of solid info: www.BradKearns.com.

Thanks again for coming on the show Wildman Brad!

If you have questions, comments, or a potential guest suggestion please send a note to Elders@monkii.co or send us a DM to @monkii.co on Instagram. Let's keep the conversation going.

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See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan


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