This was a dream conversation for me to have with none other than the Wildman - Derek Sivers. I was first introduced to Derek and his story way back in 2011 during my first failed attempt to start a business. His approach to both business and life struck a perfect chord with me and I have been incorporating many of his philosophies into both my personal and business life ever since (which for me are basically one and the same). 

Derek is the founder of CD Baby which he sold in 2008 for $22 million. For him it was never about the money and to literally 'put his money where his mouth is' he donated the money from the sale of CD Baby to a charitable trust for music education.

Derek has been a musician, producer, circus performerentrepreneurTED speaker, and book publisher.

I highly encourage all monkiis to listen to my favorite podcast episode with Derek on the Tim Ferriss Show. It's also worth your time to check out Derek's website. His Book Notes section of his website is a treasure trove of knowledge.

What I appreciate most about Derek is his deeply examined life and embracement of the notion that "the opposite may also be true". You may not agree with everything he says, but this is a good thing as it helps you understand your own beliefs better. 

Derek's books:

Available now:

  • Anything You Want (2011) 40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur: my tales of starting, building, and selling CD Baby

Coming soon:

  • Your Music and People (2019) a philosophy for musicians (and normal people) of getting your work to the world by being creative, considerate, resourceful, descriptive, focused, and connected.
  • Hell Yeah or No (2019) a collection of thoughts around re-defining yourself, changing focus, and saying yes to less.
  • How to Live (2020) radically different approaches to life, in succinct directives.

Derek's notes on, The Courage to be Disliked.

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