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This is a conversation I have been thinking about for a few years and I feel like I've been enlightened. I am pleased to welcome the scientist/philosopher/naturalist/coach and of course Wildman Logan Schwartz to the show. Logan is thinking about fitness, health, wellness, and nutrition on an inspired level. I first heard him on the Primal Endurance podcast a few years back and it is a conversation I've returned to many times. The concepts he discusses are so simple, yet, in our modern environment they are not necessarily easy to implement. In a sense, we have to outsmart how smart we are. Hearing him concisely articulate these abstract ideas I've been contemplating myself had me yelling "yes!" at my phone and I've listened to that episode like 5 times. I suspect I may break that record with this one!

We went on an epic journey covering microworkouts, nutrition, how to move more, and how to approach your 'training routine' using the Socratic method. Among many others.

Logan is a quote machine and you are going to want to get out your notebook for this episode. I can't thank Logan enough for coming on the show and I'm looking forward to continuing the conversation. monkii on!

Logan on the Primal Blueprint Podcast.

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