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My guest today is the Wildman from Austin, Dude Spellings (@dudespellings). Dude not only has a rad name, but is a Primal Health Coach, Ultra Endurance Athlete, and health/wellness/fitness enthusiast. It's all about living a healthy, balanced life which lines up well with the #monkiimindset.

I first heard Dude on the Primal Blueprint Podcast talk about his no-joke Microworkouts where he was accumulating up to 350 Pushups, 100 Pullups, 50 Jump Squats, 50 Deadlifts, and a 4-mile run throughout the course of the day. WHOA! It's important to note that he definitely ramped up to this volume in addition to the method in which he is spreading out the volume. He does NOT do everything at once but instead spreads the work over several hours where he is recovered between each 'set' and thus can do a huge amount a volume without it being overly exhaustive.

From my time working in the Wild I find that this strategy seems to line up much more congruently with a primal model of movement vs. the 1-hour Bootcamp or class at the gym. It's not to say that these 1-hour sessions are not useful. Rather, it's important to think in a more nuanced way about training vs. movement and how you can get extreme health and performance benefits without breaking down your body. It's all about balance.

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