Hey monkiis,

A big thanks to the Wildman of the North, @erlendhunstad for the question. He asked, "What are your thoughts on a minimalist approach to health gains? What can be the least you can do and still get a positive change?". Great question! The number one thing to keep in mind is that to achieve results from your training all you need to do is cross your 'threshold of adaptation'. What is also very important to consider is that once you have crossed this threshold, doing extra volume will not produce extra gains. I suspect that many people, especially those new to training may be going so far beyond their individual threshold that they are actually stunting potential gains. I know I am guilty of this and have taken a big step back to analyze my training and adjust it for the better. Above all else, consistency with training is absolutely the most important factor.

I mentioned a video of me working out in the Wild, check it out! monkii Dan training in the Wild.

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-monkii Dan



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