Hey monkiis,

This is a very special episode that has been a long time coming. I am stoked to welcome monkii Kim (@kimbreimeier) to the podcast for the first of what is hopefully many future conversations. monkii Kim lives in Northern Minnesota and lives a truly wild-life. Every time we talk I learn something new and I think she has so much insight to share with the monkii family. Listen carefully.

We talk about foraging and mushroom hunting, barefoot training, environmental conditioning, how to live Wilder, and much more. Thanks again to monkii Kim!

Show notes:

Chaga Mushrooms

Folk School

Earth Runners Sandals

If you have questions, please send a note to info@monkii.co or send us a DM to @monkii.co on Instagram we can get more monkii Q&A sessions going.

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See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan


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