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I've been working on the Body Hardening Manual for the Stoic Kicstarter. It's been a really fun project and I'm stoked to get it out there. Through my research, I've noticed some disturbing trends in the manner in which scientific studies are being reported - whether it be bloggers, magazines, or 'the media'. I found a very drastic dichotomy between how a study talking about the effect of cold showers on health and work was being represented and cited as evidence for improved immune function when the study itself makes no such claim. Now, I am a BIG FAN of cold showers, I actually took one this morning, BUT, I think it is important to examine the data and make sure the nuances of extraordinary claims are understood. My intention is NOT to knock on cold showers as they are a keep pillar to the Body Hardening Manual, it's just that I happen to be doing research that re-exposed this tendency of 'the media' to misinterpret and/or misrepresent a scientific paper.

How many times have you seen a news article with a title like, "New Study Shows _________ Will Make You ________ in Only ______ Minutes". C'mon...we're better than that.

The goal of this episode is simply to make you the listener as well as myself aware so that we can make better decisions and consider being a bit more cognizant of what inputs we let into our consciousness.

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See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan


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