Hey monkiis,

I've been thinking about the last episode (#65 - Minimalist Approach to Health Gains) and wanted to do a follow-up episode to add more actionable context. Determining if you are reaching your 'threshold of adaptation' isn't always super easy to figure out and I came up with three strategies that may help.

1. How sore are you after training? Ideally, you aren't sore, or, at most you just kind of 'feel it'. Not that being sore is universally bad, but your goal should not be to be sore every time you train.

2. Are you improving? Or, are you at least not losing fitness? This needs to be measured more in weeks/months than days, but the point is, if you aren't seeing improvement over the long run, you might need to reevaluate your approach.

3. What is your desire to train? What are your energy levels? I heard the 'desire to train' from Kelly Starrett as well as other elite athletes that have shared a similar concept. Most of the time, you should feel psyched to train and to move. On days where this lacks, you can still train, you just need to make sure the intensity level is congruent with your current state.

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