Hey monkiis,

I am stoked on Stoic! Stoic launches on Kickstarter at 10am EST on 9/22/2020. Be there early to take advantage of the special SOCIETY ONLY Kickstarter pricing (only 2,000 Society rewards available). 


Stoic is what your body has been craving and I use it every day to stand on while I work at monkii HQ. #1 it feels REALLY GOOD to stand on. The floor here is smooth, hard concrete which couldn't be anymore unnatural. The way Stoic engages more muscles and creates more movement has virtually eliminated all my standing pain. In addition, I have a whole new level of energy when the workday is over and I head out on the trails or get into a solid monkii session. I've also noticed that my feet feel stronger and I recover way faster after crushing miles in the mountains.

With exercise, but also in life, I believe that variety is extremely important. Stoic has over 50 setup options with a ton more on the way. This allows you to regularly vary the standing surface as well as to level up to more challenging standing environments.

If you do any sort of prolonged standing, or, if you have been sitting and want to transition to a standing work setup, I highly recommend you get Stoic.

Thanks for tuning in and monkii on!

-monkii Dan


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