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I had an idea come to me this morning while considering how much time I waste scrolling mindlessly on my phone seeking a hit of dopamine. The tendency is to categorize things as either good or bad while upon deeper consideration there are many facets of life that lie somewhere in the middle. The idea that 'tech is evil' is definitely an idea I've gravitated towards. But maybe I'm just thinking about it in the wrong way. There are certainly aspects of tech that are evil - literally and figuratively, but there is also unlimited potential and you now have access to essentially all of human knowledge in a device that fits into your pocket. 

Here's my thought experiment: how much better can you make your life and how much time can you stop wasting by creating a habit of using technology with intention.

You are no longer allowed to use Instagram, Facebook, Strava, YouTube, or the internet in general for mindless entertainment. Instead, before opening an app or search engine, you must have a specific purpose for doing so, and that purpose must be related to doing or learning something useful.

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I hope that you find this episode useful.

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