Hey monkiis,

I was listening to another podcast while walking to work the other day and when the host referred to someone as a 'biohacker' it conjured a really negative reaction from me. It was the first time I had this response to hearing that term and I wanted to explore why. I believe the root cause is that the term 'biohack', 'biohacker', 'biohacking' implies a shortcut to something that would otherwise require hard work. As I have grown older and maybe the slightest bit wiser the more I believe that there are no shortcuts - you just have to do the work.

I did some analysis and came up with 5 elements that are a part of proper hard work:

  1. Consistency - Do you have the discipline to be consistent?
  2. Planning - Hard also needs to be smart. Is your training hard enough and smart enough that you adapt and grow?
  3. Purpose - Do you believe yourself? Do your actions have meaning to you specifically?
  4. Intention - Are you committed? Are you playing the long game?
  5. Evaluation - We need to measure positive progress which can be subjective as well as objective. How do you feel? Are you getting better? Are you in pain?

What do you think?

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See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan



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