Hey monkiis,

I just finished up a 5-week training program I had written for myself and wanted to share some reflections. I also wanted to share some solid thoughts shared by the NorCal Wildman monkii Craig. He shared a personal anecdote of his experience getting JACKED using bodyweight training only and also had a really solid hierarchy that he developed around the 'why' for his training.

monkii Craig's Training hierarchy:

1. Joy (peace, contentment, equanimity, life balance/satisfaction)
2. Healthspan (time on this planet free from disability)
3. Lifespan (total time alive)
4. GPP (be reasonably good at any physical task life throws at me)
5. Vanity (esthetics, body comp, LGN, etc.)
Thanks, monkii Craig!
Overall, I was pretty psyched about my training program for the past 5-weeks. There are definitely some tweaks to be made, but overall I feel like I'm making progress. I'd like to try and really make Microworkouts a priority and sprinkle in focused training sessions on top of these.
Here is a link to the episode I did about building this training plan back in January 2021.

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See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan


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