Hey monkiis.

I'd like to welcome the Wildman Andrew Skurka (@andrewskurka) to the show. I've been following Andrew for many years now and I was psyched for the opportunity to chat. Andrew has traveled by foot for thousands of miles through some of the wildest terrain imaginable. For these 'firsts', he received several accolades including the prestigious National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Check out his adventure-resume below. This past August 2020, he set the FKT (Fastest Known Time) for a route called the Pfiffner traverse right here in Colorado. In the introduction to the episode, there is an audio clip of him completing this 76-mile journey and when I heard this back in August I've been wanting to chat ever since.

Some of Andrew's other athletic achievements include: a marathon personal-best of 2:28:24, and placing 73rd at the 2017 Boston Marathon. He has completed six 100-mile races, and has finished Top 3 at the Leadville 100, Run Rabbit Run 100, Bighorn 100, and Vulcano Ultra Trail 100K.

Please enjoy our conversation and thanks again to Andrew for joining me!

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See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan


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