Hey monkiis,

This is a follow-up to Episode #89 as well as Episode #65 - Minimalist Approach to Health Gains. I realized last night that I spoke for 45-minutes without giving proper due to the gear that we all hold so dear - our monkii gear! I wanted to share how I've been using pocket monkii and monkii 360 specifically in the context of Microworkouts.

I also touch on a more nuanced look at Microworkouts themselves. You can utilize this strategy for both training/performance as well as to simply increase your non-exercise activity. I think it is essential to identify what you are trying to achieve with any movement practice you chose so that you continue to make forward progress. It's all about getting the most from your time and ultimately, enjoying life.

How do you use your monkii gear for Microworkouts?

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See you out there and monkii on,

-monkii Dan


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